A comfort food makeover

By Josh Levy, MS, RD, LD
MV Times
January 28th, 2014

 Everyone reaches for comfort food sometimes. When you are feeling down or just need a quick pick-me-up, a bowl of hot and gooey macaroni and cheese, like the ones that got you through college, might just do the trick. Or maybe a bowl of steaming chicken soup, reminiscent of the one mom made, is just what you need. Comfort foods are simply that: comforting. They taste good, elicit memories, and warm your insides. Carbohydrate-rich foods trigger the release of feel-good hormones, and temporarily spike your blood sugar for a short-lived boost. Fatty foods help you feel full, provide a richness of flavor, and satisfy your taste buds. Salty foods also taste good, and keep you reaching for more.

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