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Prudence Athearn Returns to Roots

Martha’s Vineyard Gazette Article
Written by Remy Tumin
March 16th, 2012

Food that’s worth it takes longer to prepare, Prudence Athearn Levy often tells her four-year-old son Kyle. Taking time to slow things down makes the experience worth the wait, whether that means brewing loose leaf tea rather than the bagged version or in the case of Mrs. Levy’s family, watching the carrots grow in their backyard of Morning Glory Farm.

Mrs. Levy and her husband Josh Levy are putting that theory to practice in their new business at Vineyard Nutrition, consulting clients on how to take a few extra moments to relish simple food rather than fear its complexities, and step away from the processed foods and so they can do it themselves.

The Levys bought the Edgartown business from longtime nutritionist Denise Guest and began seeing patients earlier this month.

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