Lettuce In, Raw or Cooked, We’re Delicious and Nutritious

by Prudence Athearn Levy, MS, RD, LD
Vineyard Gazette
August 8th, 2013 

Summer is the time for taking advantage of the abundance of available fresh vegetables and fruits. Lightly steamed, prepared raw, sautéed or grilled, vegetables go with anything, anytime. Gobbled up as snacks, blended into smoothies or sliced on top of yogurt, fruit quenches thirst, adds sweetness and tastes delicious.

Summer is also the time of year when many meals revolve around salads. Fruit salads, green salads, bean salads and pasta salads can be eaten cold, brought to barbecues and picnics and put together quickly. Simple salads are easy when you are hot, don’t want to cook and just want something light. Or maybe you’re trying to lose weight and salads come to mind as something you should eat to help your efforts.


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