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Learn how proper nutrition can help you maintain good health, fight chronic disease, and feel great.  

Weight Loss – Let us help you develop a plan for long term weight loss.  Stop the diet roller coaster and learn ways to feel satisfied without unhealthy food cravings, while losing weight. Change your relationship with food by learning how to react to emotional hunger, while honoring true physical hunger with the right foods for you. Our individualized plans give you the tools you need to keep the weight off for good.

Heart Disease – Learn which foods can help lower your cholesterol and/or triglycerides.  We’ll teach you how to use scientifically proven nutrition therapies to decrease your blood lipids to within target ranges. Also learn about how to get three essential minerals and fiber through targeted foods to help lower your blood pressure, and how to eat a lower salt diet without feeling deprived.  Discover how the right foods can help you recover from a stroke or heart attack, or prevent one in the first place.

Diabetes – Eating the right foods, in the right amounts and combinations, and at optimal times, can help you control your blood sugar.  Whether you have pre-diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, or Type 1 diabetes, we can help you create a realistic meal plan to keep your blood sugar within a healthy range.  We also help you adjust your food intake and exercise to account for diabetes medication and/or insulin.

Digestive issues – Let us help you learn which foods will help you feel better if you are dealing with gastrointestinal pain, boating, gas, constipation or diarrhea. We can also help you understand and manage GI disorders such as Celiac disease, Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, and microscopic colitis), diverticulosis/diverticulitis, or Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Learn about the different types of fiber, which fibers help and which fibers can hurt, depending on your diagnosis. Learn how your microbiome affects your digestive and overall health, and which foods support a healthy gut environment.

Eating Disorders – We can help you learn about, manage, and say no to your eating disorder, including anorexia nervosa, bulimia, binge eating disorder and disordered eating. We want to help you break free from the exhaustion that comes with being controlled by an eating disorder. We work on helping you repair your relationship with food, and your body, and move towards recovery. We create meal plans together that nourish and fuel your energy needs while also acknowledging where you are in your stage of recovery. Our approach is compassionate, individualized, and science-based. We also pledge to create effective and consistent communication with the rest of your team (therapist, psychiatrist, doctor, with your permission) to help you get the full support you need.

Healthy Eating – Have more energy, feel better, and feel in control.  You will learn ways to meal plan and cook that fit into your life. Learn how to pre-plan your meals to make it easier to eat well even during the busiest of weeks.  Optimize your health with anti-inflammatory foods and meals that aim to give you sustained energy all day. We will also review your current nutrition supplements and make recommendations as needed.

Cancer – Stay your strongest before, during, and after treatment with targeted nutrition.  We will develop a plan with you and/or your loved ones that will help during each phase of your treatment and recovery.

Weight Loss Surgery – Long term support is the key for long term weight loss.  We can help you after your weight loss surgery including Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery, Lap Band, or Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy.

Sports Nutrition – Train hard, eat right.  Take your training to the next level and learn what to eat before/during/after your regular workouts and upcoming races or events.

Childhood Nutrition – Feeding children can be challenging and confusing.  We can help you develop strategies to help your children eat balanced meals and snacks, help them lose or gain weight depending on their needs, and help them fuel optimally for sports.

Pre/Postnatal Nutrition – There are many conflicting messages about what you should and should not be eating during pregnancy and after the birth of your child.  We will help you with fact vs. myth and create a manageable eating plan that meets both your and baby’s nutrition needs. We can also help you manage gestational diabetes by helping you choose an eating pattern that keeps your blood sugars within target ranges and your baby safely growing.

Food Allergies (including Gluten Free and Dairy Free) – It can be confusing and frustrating to be diagnosed with food allergies or food sensitivities.  You may wonder, what is the difference between an allergy, an intolerance and a sensitivity?  Or, should everyone be gluten free? Let us help you develop a meal plan that includes all the foods that will keep you feeling good, while safely omitting the foods that could be compromising your health.  You will learn to navigate tricky food labels and ingredients lists, and cook and eat delicious, creative meals that won’t trigger a reaction.

Vegetarian and Vegan Diets – We can help you develop a balanced eating plan to ensure you are meeting all your body’s nutrition requirements.  Your plan will include lots of variety and color! We’ll help you expand from using too much dairy as a protein source (if you are vegetarian) or help you expand beyond soy, and optimize your protein from other plant sources as well (if you are vegan).

Weight Gain – When you struggle to keep enough weight on it can be difficult to know how to gain healthfully. Learn which foods, timing, and combinations will help you get back to a comfortable weight without feeling overwhelmed.  We will help you develop a plan that works for you including tips to help each bite count.

Anemia – In addition to supplements, feel your best with supporting nutrition from foods. Learn how folate, B12, vitamin C and other minerals from food play a roll in iron metabolism. Fight fatigue with the best overall nutrition plan for you.

Autoimmune diseases –  Fibromyalgia, PMR, Celiac disease, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, type 1 diabetes, chronic Lyme disease…these are just a few of the most common autoimmune disorders that can be helped with targeted nutrition. Learn how they are linked to how and what you eat, and how to fight inflammation with your individualized meal plan.


Individual Counseling

We work with you to help you reach your nutrition goals. Our personalized sessions focus on learning the tools you need to make simple, lasting changes in the way you eat and prepare your food. We know no two people are alike, so each session is customized to fit your lifestyle, specific health and weight loss goals.

The initial 75 minute session includes a detailed health review, a complete dietary assessment, and development of your plan. Follow-up visits are usually 30 minutes, every week.


Community Nutrition Talks

We offer community nutrition talks to help you get started in learning about different aspects of nutrition from meal planning to prediabetes. These sessions are provided at no charge as our way of serving the island community.


Nutrition Classes

We offer comprehensive nutrition classes that cover all aspects of nutrition. These classes are 1 to 4 weeks long, depending on the topic. Please check our calendar to see about upcoming classes. We also offer customized nutrition classes for businesses and organizations. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about this service.


Cooking Classes

Do you want to eat healthy but have trouble boiling water? Did we discuss how healthy vegetables are for you in a class or counseling session, but you just don’t know what to do with a bunch of chard or kale? Let us help. We offer cooking classes for the average person, focusing on skills that you can use in your daily life.

We offer community cooking classes and in-home classes to help you learn in the best setting for you. If you are interested in a community class or a private in home class, please let us know. If you have a home kitchen that is large enough to accommodate instruction, and you would be interested in sharing it for a class, we are always interested in new class locations.


In-home services

We can come to you and help you in the place where it all happens. Let us help you reach your nutrition goals, reorganize your kitchen pantry and refrigerator, or learn to cook, in the comfort of your own home. We offer customized nutrition and cooking classes for you and your family/friends in the comfort of your own home. Please contact us for further details.