Press Release: Mass in Motion MV and Vineyard Nutrition Partner




February 2014 – Mass in Motion MV and Vineyard Nutrition partner to empower educators, parents, caregivers and kids to adopt the ‘Vineyard Healthy Snack Initiative’, a guideline that focuses on healthy snack, a-la-carte, and non-food celebration ideas for all seven of the Island’s schools. Via in school nutrition education and on-the-ground access to healthy foods, the ‘Vineyard Healthy Snack Initiative’ aims to provide a framework to understand the importance of healthier snacks and give tools to prepare them at home.

“We know that after kids eat foods high in simple sugars like gummies or gogurts in place of a healthy snack, their moods change.  Blood sugar swings can lead them to feel cranky, moody, tired, hostile, unfocused, and then hungry again.”  says Registered Dietitian Josh Levy, of Vineyard Nutrition.

“We hope to avoid this behavior, especially in school, so kids are able to feel energized and focused on their schoolwork, and continue to feel good until the end of the school day.  Unhealthy snacks do not contribute to a good learning environment. Teachers become challenged to manage a classroom of kids who are not focused or well behaved.”  says Mr. Levy.

“A healthy snack helps kids feel good, focused and well behaved in class.  Research has shown that kids who eat a healthful diet do better in school and sports, have less behavioral issues, and grow healthfully.”  says Mr. Levy.

On the ground access is also provided by Island Grown Schools’ Harvest of the Month campaign, monthly optional tastings are offered during lunch that invite kids to experience healthy, seasonal foods. HOTM goal is to increase awareness and engage kids in a productive dialog about what they are eating. The initiative spearheaded by in-school IGS coordinators and parents, is active in all seven K-12 schools and six of the preschools, for a total of 13 schools on the Vineyard. Find out more at

“Each school is working on creating a comprehensive wellness policy.  This policy will provide guidelines and ideas for the daily snacks kids bring to school, and recommended foods and non-food ideas for healthy birthday and holiday celebrations. Right now, we see a wide variety of what foods are being offered to kids during snack-time and celebrations, from healthy food and non-food celebrations to high sugar and high fat foods like cake, cookies, and candy.” says Mr. Levy.

Vineyard Nutrition and Mass In Motion MV have hosted 16  parent events in schools tied to parents nights. The “cooking classes” features snack education and demonstrations of how to prepare numerous healthy snack options.

Mass in Motion Martha’s Vineyard, is a program of the Dukes County Health Council to promote healthy eating and active living through walking, biking, and having access to locally-grown foods on Martha’s Vineyard and in Massachusetts.

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